Phthalogen Blue 3GK ( Ingrain Blue 13 )
 Ingrain Brill Blue 3G Pdr. Dyeing for Fabrics

Product Name Phthalogen Blue 3GK
Colour Index Name Ingrain Blue 13
Colour Index Number
Chemical Family Copper Complex

General Description:
Phthalocyanine Copper Complex Dye Stuff preparation.

Physico-Chemical Properties:
Appearance : Fine Powder
Colour : Greenish Blue
Bulk Density : 350 kg/m3
Odour : Pungent Smell
Moisture Content : 1.0% Max.

Fastness properties on Cotton (on 1 to 8 scale)
Hot Pressing : 5
Light : 7-8
Mercerising : 5
Peroxide Bleaching : 2-3
Soda Boil : 5
Washing : 5
Solvent : 5
Chlorine : 4-5

Applications :
Printing on Cellulose,Viscose,Linen and Silk Materials.

Ingrain Brill Blue 3GK Pdr. for Yarn Dyeing
MORDANTING (For 5 gm, Yarn)
The Yarn is soaped with Soda Ash for 10-15 minutes at boil then rinse will.
200 mgm. Mordant B.
150 CC. Water at 70'C. Yarn is entered in Mordanting bath After 10 minutes add.
1.5 gm. Glauber Salt keep the yarn for 20 minutes in this bath then after squeezing take it to the dye bath.

200 MGM. Ingrain Brill. Blue 3GK.
400 MGM. Diethylene Glycol.
1 GM. Acetic Acid Glacial after keeping the above for 20 minutes in cold bath it is to be poured into
150 CC. Ice Cold Water enter the Mordanted yarn into this dye bath and keep it for 25 minutes. The dyed yarn is taken out and developed in.
500 MGM. Caustic Soda add.
300 MGM. Sodium Hydrosulphite
100 CC. Water at 60'C for 10 minutes the yarn is stirred and then treated with.
500 MGM. Sodium Nitrite.
100 CC. Water at 60'C the yarn is kept for treatment for 10 minutes.

The yarn rinsed in cold water and washed with soap and soda ash at boil.