FENURON, Urea, Phthalogen Blue, Ingrain, Reactive, Dyes, Organic Pigment, Blood Stains, pH Indicators, Manibhadra, Ahmedabad, India.
Soft-30 Yarn. Specially Developed Softener For Cotton
Soft-w Wax base Softener is use of weight to the Yarn & Gives Softness to the cotton & Polyester yarn.
Soft-T IT Based on Tallow have good dispersion in IRING & gives uniform coating on yarn of Cotton & PVC/PC.
ECO-12 It based on Tallow, Plasticizer that gives softness to the cotton yarn.
A-OIL Antistatic oil used for cotton & polyester yarn.
Texo Soft Antistatic Oil used for cotton & polyester yarn.
CMC  Carboxymenthyl Cellulose in use for Cotton & PV/PC.
TDE-L Effective Desizing & Sourcing Agent in Liquid from.
TDE-P   Enzymatic Desizing Agent in Powder form.
OT-L Wetting & Rewritten Agent in Liquid From
OT-PT Wetting & Rewetting Agent in Transparent Paste From
OT-P  Wetting & Rewetting Agent in Paste From.
DAW Bland of nonionic & Cationic Easily Miscible with Water gives Uniform Wetting & Rewetting.
NON-W Nonionic Wetting Agent.
PENIT Excellent Penitrator is USE is in Printing of Cotton & Polyester.
Super AC      Wetting Cleaning and Scouring Agent for Multipurpose USE.
PRB  Pigment Printing Binder        FB  Foam  Binder
PDB Pigment Dyeing Binder 
FB-9400 Flock Binder-9400
PGB Pigment Gold Binder     B- 4000           Pigment Printing Binder
KB  Khadi Binder
MERCE  Low Foaming Mercerizing Agent.
NSK/AMH  It used Acrylic Body & Stiffness to  the Cotton & S
PEW    Polyethylene Was Emulsion gives soft feel to the cotton   &  Synthetics Fabrics
TNS     Fatty Acid base Non-Ionic Softener gives soft feel the   cotton & Synthetic Fabric.
TCS  Fatty Acid base Non-Yellowing Cat-Ionic Softener gives
soft, silky feel to denim, Cotton  & Synthetic Fabrics.
WEXOL Wax-Emulsion gives wax finish to fabrics
PVA  Vam base Acrylic Emulsion gives body to fabric.
MBX Vam base Plasticizer Added Acrylic Emulsion gives soft
body to High quality fabrics.
TRO Terky red Oil is powerful Wetting and Finishing Agent for
TSO   Silicon Emulsion is for silky feel to Fabric
TSE Amino Silicon Emulsion gives Bounncy Effect to the
Synthetic Finish.
KVS  Resin KVS Glyoxal base gives Anti  Creasing Property to
TUF Urea formaldehyde Resin gives Non-shrink age effect on Cotton & Synthetic Fabrics.
TUF-P  Urea Formaldehyde Resin with Added Plasticizer
SWA  Finishing Agent for Cotton & Synthetic Fabrics
STIFF-A It gives Excellent Stiffness to Cotton & Synthetic Fabrics
DFA  Dye Fixing Agent for Reactive & Direct Dyes
EDFA Eco-Friendly Dye Fixing Agent
DFT  Leveling Agent gives Uniform Dyeing of Disperse dye on Synthetic & Cotton
LOOP-A  High Performance Loop Accelerator
ASR    Solvent base Stain Remover for Polyester Fabric
PHS  Excellent Phosphate free pH Stabilizer for Disperse Dying
and Printing.
PENIT Penitrator gives Maximum Penetration of Dyes without
Spread on Fabric.
KBI  Anionic, ant migrating & Air Gap Remover for Ramazol &
Disperse Printing.
SDA Defoamer Extremely Powerful & Stable Deforming for Agent for Jet Dyeing.
Fixcer Fixing Agent for Pigment Dyeing & Printing
KHADI-PC Polyester Carbonized Khadi
KHADI-C For Cotton Fabrics
KHADI-SP For Poonam Hosiery  & Other Synthetic Bland
SODA Ph Replacement of Soda (Alkali Fixer)
L. Binder SS Synthetic Binder for Extra Soft Feel
L. Binder SS Synthetic Binder for Medium Soft Feel
L. Binder-40 For Impregnation
REX  Powerful Acrylic Synthetic Tanning Agent
SF/SPL Synthetic Ft Liquor for extra soft and Fullness
NWA Non-Ionic Wetting Agent
SA It is Sleep Agent and A Feet Modifier
WAX-E  It is Synthetic and Natural Wax Emulsion
GSIN It is Semi-Synthetic Fat Liquor
WWL It is Specially oil Base Fat Liquor.