FENURON, Urea, Phthalogen Blue, Ingrain, Reactive, Dyes, Organic Pigment, Blood Stains, pH Indicators, Manibhadra, Ahmedabad, India.
We are located in Ahmedabad - the business city of Gujarat state which is Leading Industrial state of India. Location of our factory at Industrial estate near by National Highway No.8 and just 15.0 Kms. from Airport, 10.0 Kms. from Railway Station and 20.0 Kms. from sabarmati [International container Depot] which is very convenient for transportation of Raw material and finish goods. We have large production area which is equipped with Power, water and all basic facilities. We mainly manage production activity and other production related activity from factory. We have a commercial office at center of city. It mainly manages commercial activity.

Production Capacity
We mainly produce Phthalogen Dyes (Ingrain Dyes), Reactive Dyes, Acid Dyes, Direct Dyes, Auxiliaries & Organic Pigment Powder. Production capacity is as follows :
1) FENURON/N,N-Dimethyl Phenyl Urea (CAS No.: 101-42-8) - 2.5 MT per month
2) Urea/N,N''-(methyl-1,3-phenylene)bis[N',N'-dimethylurea] -(CAS No.: 26604-41-1) - 2.5 MT per month
3) Urea/1-(3,3-Dimethylureido)-3-[(3,3-dimethylureido)methyl]- 3,5,5-trimethylcyclohexane (CAS No.:39992-90-0) - 2.5 MT per month
4) Urea/4,4'-Methylenebis(1,1-dimethyl-3-phenylurea) (CAS No.: 10097-09-3) - 2.5 MT per month
5) Phthalogen Dyes (Ingrain Dyes) - 10 MT per month
6) Reactive Dyes - 20 MT per month
7) Acid Dyes - 20 MT per month
8) Direct Dyes - 10 MT per month
9) Vat Dyes - 5 MT per month
10) Auxiliaries - 20 MT per month
11) Pigment Powder - 20 MT per month
12) Fast Bases - 5-7 MT per month

We are equipped with all types of equipment required for the production in Dyestuff Industry.
Reactors : Capacity from 30,000 ltrs to 2500 ltrs and all types of reactors such as: S.S.Reactor, MSRL file lined reactor, Glass Lines Reactor.
Filter Press : Filter Press of all variety likes, plate3 & frames 7 Recese type upto 10kg/cm2 working pressure
Centrifuges - upto 36" dia.
Ribbon Blenders - up to 4000 kg. capacity.
Polverizer - All variety like Ms, S.S., S.S. Jacketed with nitrogen purging facility.
Gyro Screen for screening of material.