Phthalogen Blue IBN ( Ingrain Blue 5 )
 Application Printing
Application Printing : Cellulose and silk. Dissolve in an organic acid and thickaning and a spl. auxiliary agent having reducing properties. Print, dry develop with netural or acid steam or by backing treat in a hot acid bath. Rinse and soap. Can be printed alongside azoic, reactive and vat dye and pigment and on grounds of azoic coupling components.

Product Name Phthalogen Blue IBN
Colour Index Name Ingrain Blue 5
Colour Index Number 74161:2
Cas No. 59800-23-6
Chemical Family Amine Derivative of CoPC

General Description:
Amine complex of Cobalt Phthalocyanine with clean deep blue shade.

Physico - Chemical Properties :
Appearance Fine Powder
Colour Blue
Moisture Content 1.0% Max
Insolubles 0.5% Max

Fastness properities on Cotton (On 1 to 8 scale)
Hot Pressing 5
Hypo chlorite 1
Light 8
Mercerizing 5
Perexide Bleaching 2-3
Soda Boil 5
Washing 5
Acid & Alkali 5
Solvent 5
Chlorinated Water 4-5
Cracking Dry 4-5
Cracking Wet 2-3

Applications :
Printing on Cellulose and Silk Material